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Festival Information

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Festival Information & FAQ


2pm Thursday 17th March – 5pm Sunday 20th March 2022

(Backup Covid date: Oct 6-9th 2022)

1755 Seymour-Tooborac Rd, Glenaroua, VIC Australia


THURSDAY:  2:00pm – 10:00pm 

     FRIDAY:  7:30am – 11:30pm 

SATURDAY:  7:30am – 11:30pm 

SUNDAY:  7:30am –  8:00pm


ADDRESS:  Colston Hill, Seymour-Tooborac Rd, Glenaroua

DATES:     Thursday 17th - Sunday 20th March 2022

VENUE OPENS: 1pm Thursday

GATES OPEN/CLOSE:    Friday-Sunday 7am - 11:30pm 

PROGRAM STARTS: 6pm Thursday


Tell us about the Festival 


The event runs for 4 days and 3 nights from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Guests stay overnight in their preferred choice of camping, luxury camping (glamping), cabin or offsite accommodation.


There will be multiple workshops and activities running at any one time and you have the choice of attending information talks, workshops, dance or craft classes, listen to live music or performances, receive a massage or treatment, peruse the markets or explore the festival grounds.


There are no pre-bookings for workshops; you simply turn up on the day. In the evenings you can enjoy the silent disco, late-night workshops, campsite chats and more.


There are also group opening and closing ceremonies and Welcome to Country, which we encourage women to attend; to help set the mood and intention for the beginning and end of the gathering.


On Sunday our beautiful event will conclude with a closing ceremony at 5:00pm, allowing women enough time to pack up camp and travel safely home before the new week begins.



We will be following current Government directives and adapting our plans as advice changes.

We are aware that lockdowns can happen - so we have planned a backup date in advanced and are letting you know about it early.
When you purchase a ticket you commit to two dates our March date and our covid back up date Oct 6-9th 2022. If you cannot attend either date you are welcome to onsell your ticket through
If you cannot attend due to Covid-19 related impacts (border or suburb closures/Covid-19 symptoms) you will be entitled to a credit voucher to the full value of your ticket to be used at any of our future event over the subsequent 3 years.

See other Covid specific related refund terms here.

Ticket s

Have your general Festival questions  answered here


Onsite Camping, Glamping, Caravans, local accommodation & Airbnbs

What's  On

Program released November 2021 

 Apply to be involved here

What to Bring?

  • Your festival ticket (on your phone) and photo ID

  • Camping tent, equipment, bedding and campsite decor

  • Phone charger and power bank (aka portable charger)

  • Camp table and chairs

  • Torch

  • Esky

  • Drinking water and reusable bottle

  • Bag for dirty clothes and a bag for rubbish

  • Notepad and pen

  • Toiletries, towels and clothing essentials 

  • Yoga mat

  • Picnic rug

  • Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen

  • Rain poncho

  • Insect repellent 

  • Medical essentials like panadol, bandaids, wet wipes 

  • Non-perishable food (muesli bars, bread and spreads, crackers, tinned goods, cereal and long-life milk

  • An open mind and sense of adventure!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What food and drinks options will be available?

We have an amazing food market with offerings from coffee to kombucha, acai smoothies to amazing desserts, veggie pancakes to Vietnamese rolls. Vendors will operate from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon with options for various dietary requirements including vegan, vegetarian, meat, lactose and gluten free options. Many guests also bring their own non-perishable snacks that can be easily stored in a shaded area of their tents or esky. Like most festivals, we cannot provide kitchen facilities or fridge space for thousands of participants. You are able to purchase ice from the Info tent daily by ordering the day before.

Is the Festival baby friendly?

Please note as this is a women’s festival and not a women’s and children’s festival we only allow babes up to 18months. For those who are bringing a young babe, we have done our best to provide for you by creating a Mum and Baby Social Sanctuary. We will create a clean, comfortable area where mums can feed and change their babies in a clean well lit marquee with comfortable and practical seating and floor mats, cushions, soft blankets and changing areas with soft mats and blankets and mosquito nets. We have complimentary antibacterial wipes, nappy barrier cream, water and cotton wool and nail brushes available. Additionally we maintain a sterile container to assist bottle feeding and nursing mums with keeping brushes, bottles and other items sterilised. This is all free of charge to support new mums to have more fun! For those who are keen to share a similiar experience with their children and menfolk - we are creating Union Festival, where the whole family can come.

Can I bring my children?

As this has been a point of discussion in the past we put the question forward to past participants in our review survey. Over 75% of women requested to keep this a female adult only event so we will continue this. We do however allow babies in arms ( 0-18months) and girls from 12 years upwards. Our main focus however is to create a space where adult women can take 3 days of the entire year to just focus on themselves. Please note, Union Festival, which is a Seven Sisters style event for all ages is coming soon.

Are men allowed to attend?

Seven Sisters has been designed with content that specifically relates to women with the intention of creating a space for women's voices, ideas and wisdom to be shared with other women. We would love to share the benefits of this style of worshop based event with a broader audience of all genders and topics and have Union Festival in the mix. Sign up to our mailing list to stay updated on news. If you are a man interested in this style of event and want to see what's out there currently- there are several existing male identified only conferences, retreats and festivals, such as Menergy, Manshine, Island of Man and Tribal man.

Can I bring pets?

No pets are allowed on site as we wish to lessen disturbance on the natural wildlife and neighbours livestock. **Guide and support dogs are welcome.

What about Luxury camping?

Keen to come along, but not into camping? Are you traveling interstate or have no gear? Let our Glamping experts set you up with a lavish, luxury tent or tipi, equipped with lighting, bedding and décor to allow you to enjoy your Seven Sisters Festival experience at ease, comfort and style. Tents can be purchased for groups or individually to share with other solo glampers. Accommodation options on sale August – Read more here

What local accommodation options are there?

Local accommodation options can be found here & on There are also some guests who drive home as they live locally. The choices are endless and they are yours to make! Design your own Seven Sisters experience.

Where do I camp?

Please read all the details on our accommodation page

Can I sleep in my vehicle?

Yes and with our new layout with parking & tents. Many vehicles will be able to open up directly into camping areas, so car & van sleepers can stay close to friends.

Do you have a site map?

Yes, we do. It’s being created and will be availableon our site prior to the event. You will also receive a program on arrival which has a site map in the back.

Is there mobile phone reception?

Yes, there is mobile phone reception but it is limited in certain areas. We encourage guests to switch their phones off during the day and refrain from making calls until nightfall in the privacy of their own tents. Optus has better reception than Telstra and other providers. We suggest you alo take a screenshot of your festival ticket for easy access at the ticketing check in point.

Tell us about onsite services

Our amazing Info tent team hosts an ATM, phone charging station, sells ice, looks after lost property, can assist you to first aid and counselling should you need it – and will just generally answer all of your festival related questions.

Are pass outs issued?

Your festival wristband allows you to leave and return to the site for those staying off site but we encourage participants to be present throughout the festival. Guests can leave and enter festival grounds at these times THURSDAY: 2:00pm – 11:00pm FRIDAY: 7:30am – 11:00pm SATURDAY: 7:30am – 11:00pm SUNDAY: 7:30am – 8:00pm

Where do I camp and do I have to?

The vast majority of festival guests stay on site and escape the familiar for 4 days to camp under the stars. We do have glamping options for those who wish to stay onsite and not have to worry about setting or packing up tents and bedding. There are many guests who prefer to stay in local B&B’s, motels or hotels in the area and join just for the daytime festivities and park onsite in the day parking zone. Local accommodation options can be found here & on There are also some guests who drive home as they live locally. The choices are endless and they are yours to make! Design your own Seven Sisters experience.

Can I bring a camper-van, trailer or caravan?

One of the benefits of our new site is that we have enough flat ground to accommodate RV’s, caravans and trailers, so had added a Caravan ticket to our offerings this year! If your vehicle/trailor/campervan is over 6m you require one of these tickets. The Caravan zones are 15m wide and 6m long. There is a specific area for these as not all camping terrain is suitable or safe. There will be staff to ensure your caravan is safely parked. No unhinging or reversing required- drive in and drive out. Nice and Easy! Due to popular demand, we are currently sold out of this option. We have created a waitlist as we determine whether more space can be made available. If you wish to join the wait list, please do so here.

Can I share my ticket with multiple people over the 4 days?

Sharing is caring, we agree! But in this instance, a ticket is for one person only. There are one-day tickets available for Saturday and Sunday.

How does camping work?

Onsite we have designated camping areas marked out by signs and bunting and are further specialised into camping areas for glamping mums and bubs quiet camping solo campers RV/trailer and caravan camping accessible camping and general camping. There are no personally allocated plots, except for RV/ trailers - you simply drive in, find a spot that suits and set up a tent. Please note that parked cars are slightly separated from camp areas for safety reasons. Some carspots open up directly into campgrounds others will be 5-15meters away. Our Mums & Bubs camping area has a “Mums & Bubs Goddess Suite ” equipped with change tables, bathtubs, and feeding chairs. We also have a quiet zone, which is a little more removed from the festival site, to allow for peace, space and privacy and to camp with other campers who like a peaceful camp zone. PLEASE NOTE: There are no cooking or refrigerated storage facilities available,but you can purchase ice from the info tent for your eskies. Many prefer to let others cook for them and make the most of the several delicious food vendors serving a wonderful assortment of tasty food options, including vegetarian, gluten free and vegan. FIRE: The festival site operates on a TOTAL FIRE BAN. This includes: NO candles, fires, pyrotechnics, firecrackers, sparklers or flares No gas stoves or BBQ’s (these will be checked at the gates & grounds and confiscated until after the event) Smoking in designated smoking zones only

Getting There - Public Transport options

ADDRESS: 1755 Seymour- Tooborac Rd, Glenaroua, VIC Arriving from the airport or just want to make your way from the city? PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Catch the Vline train from Southern Cross Station direct to Seymour Station and be personally escorted to site by local BlueWren Shuttle Service. Call Tracy on 0421 357 804 to make a booking. The site is 14mins drive from the station & taxi rate is a total of $30 one way for up to 8 people. AIRPORT OPTION 1: ($160-220) A taxi or uber direct from the airport to the site will cost $180-$230 one way and will take 69minutes mins. Call Tracy on 0421 357 804 to make a booking with a local service provider - taxi can take 10 people. AIRPORT OPTION 2: ( $70 - oneway) 1.Airport SkyBus Shuttle to southern cross station ($19-37 one way/return). 2.Train ticket Southern cross to Seymour ( $20) 4. Private taxi -BlueWren Shuttle Service. Call Tracy on 0421 357 804 ( $30 one way $40 return)

Shuttle Bus Into Town

There will be a shuttle bus running into town 3 times a day. Explore the town, restaurants, shops or stock up at the supermarket and return to the event. $5 Each way. Times to be released close to the event.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available through Oztix for a service fee of $20 per ticket for glamping and festival tickets. Payments are made over 5 fortnightly payments.

Car Levy

This year, the car levy has been included in your ticket price. Our new site does have more space than the old so we don't have to be as strict with numbers. We do however, wish to reduce the environmental impact so we will be looking at incentives to reduce cars, such an express lane entry for those who have 3 or more in their car. If we find this doesn't work, we will go back to our old system with separate car levies and ticket passes. We do however, require passes for those with trailers and caravans as we have a limited number of specific zones. These caravan zones are easy access, flat levelled zones that are drive and drive out and don't require unhinging.

Goodwill Ticket

Each year we give a number of goodwill tickets to support those women in financial hardship or as a thank you to women who have gone above and beyond to serve their community and require a weekend of love, support and encouragement.

To be eligible you must apply directly yourself and cannot apply on behalf of a friend or acquaintance. Please send an email of no more than 400 words to Please ensure your application is sent by no later than 30th November and you will be alerted to whether your application has been successful by 31st January.

Will there be a Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate to enter the festival?

As of 18 November 2021, Victoria entered Phase D of the Covid Safe Settings Roadmap, currently the Victorian government has mandated that all festival attendees are double-vaccinated and show their Covid-19 vaccine certificate upon entry. However, this requirement may change in the future if Victoria achieves higher vaccination rates.
We hope it does as we want to welcome all women regardless of their vaccination status to the festival.
We will continue to review and update this statement in line with Government guidelines.

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