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Our Partners

Ashley Jones

Tech Lead

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Organic India

Organic Herbal Tulsi Teas

ORGANIC INDIA is an ethical enterprise committed to providing genuine organic products and solutions for healthy conscious living, that nourish you and Mother Nature. At the heart of ORGANIC INDIA is our commitment to be a living embodiment of love and consciousness in action. We work with thousands of small family farmers in India to cultivate over ten thousand acres of sustainable organic farmland, regenerating whole communities of multigenerational farmers while they grow the herbs that become our teas and supplements. 
Our infusions are not only delicious and organic; they are nature’s perfect rejuvenating tea.


Spirit of Cacao

Ceremonial-Grade Cacao 

We are Georgia + Elyse, Passionate about natural healing, wellness and self-mastery, we are Master Reiki Practitioners who felt the call to share the sacred Spirit Of Cacao and its deep healing abilities with the world - one sip at a time! We infuse each batch of cacao with Reiki energy to amplify your manifestations, intentions and chakra realignment all in the comfort of your own home!




Organic Lubricant

Passionate about intimate health and serious about sexual pleasure, YES make pure, natural and certified organic personal lubricants, intimate moisturisers and washes. Designed to be side effect free, natural, and pH matched, YES products contain only beneficial natural ingredients which respect and care for intimate areas and are free from concerning chemicals and known skin irritants.


YES are on a mission to change the world from the inside by enhancing the sexual experience and alleviating uncomfortable and painful vaginal conditions to ‘make vaginas happy’.

Part & Parcel

Organic, Ethical, Sustainable, & Healthy Products

Part&Parcel is an online store offering a curated shopping experience for people seeking the best organic, ethical, sustainable, and healthy products. Rather than buying your favourite healthy pantry staples and low tox household goods from multiple shops or websites, Part&Parcel stocks all the best products, made by the best people, in the one place. They deliver to almost every corner of this big island continent (in plastic-free and post-consumer recycled packaging, by the way).


Part&Parcel members save up to 30% every day on 1100+ locally made organics.

$20 off your first order. Our gift to you. Use code SEVENSISTERS
at checkout

Splash Blanket

Luxurious Waterproof Blanket

Global shipping. The world's most luxurious waterproof blanket



Organic Natural Skincare and Beauty Products

Community and collaboration have always been at the heart of Wotnot Naturals. We've always known that we are better when we work together. That’s why all our products are uniquely co-created with you our customers – which we believe makes them pretty special. We don’t take shortcuts, we don’t use cheap fillers, irritants or toxins. Instead our products are brimming with skin benefiting ingredients that are kind to people and to our planet.

Free Freight. Once use per customer. Exp 31.1.24
Use Code: SSF2023



Natural tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms

SuperFeast, born in 2011 from Mason Taylor's unwavering passion for health and longevity, has blossomed into Australia's premier supplier of Dì Dào (地道) tonic herbs and mushrooms. From its humble beginnings in a garage, this family-owned brand has remained committed to integrity and ecological responsibility.


SuperFeast's mission extends beyond business; it's about elevating health, healing, and happiness for individuals and the planet alike. Their Taoist Tonic Herbalism tradition draws from ancient wisdom, preserving holistic herbal practices that align with nature's innate capacity to heal.


Central to our philosophy is Dì Dào (地道), emphasizing the spiritual and physical significance of sourcing from the herbs' 'spiritual homeland,' ensuring unparalleled quality. SuperFeast stands as a beacon of ancient wisdom in a modern world.



Merri People

Gumboots, RainBoots and Wellies.

Merry People started as an idea, born out of a practical frustration, in 2014.  At the time, I was working in a corporate job in Melbourne, Australia (notorious for its unreliable weather) and looking for a comfortable, quality, everyday pair of boots I could wear on my commutes that would also be suitable to walk into my corporate office.  


Ethical Skincare

SunButter, with their commitment to socially and environmentally ethical skincare, is helping us stay protected against UV rays. Look out for their reef-safe sunscreen in key areas like the info tent and Vols HQ. Get ready for a sun-safe and sustainable festival experience!

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Ethical & Fair Trade Clothing

We offer ethical and fair trade clothing and accessories all made by our long term partners in Nepal.


We specialise in loomed and organic cotton, wild hemp and mulesing free wool in our pieces.

State of Flow

High Quality Silk

High quality silk flow props and apparel, hand-dyed in Melbourne by professional performing artist and creatrix Karina Flow. Each piece is unique and a one of a kind item made with love for self-expression, dance and colour. 

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The Natural Health Option

Handmade Unique Health Balms

Handmade unique health balms to assist in life's minor hiccups.


All balms have a perfect blend of pure essential oils, flower essences and infused with homeopathic remedies that have been traditionally used to aid minor ailments.

Placid Gems

Hand Made Jewellery

Hand made opal and crystal jewellery, rings, earrings, necklaces & bangles.

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1.Nicole Lee 2023 3.jpg

Nicole Lee

Oracle Card Readings

I work with Oracle Cards and channel Guidance to understand the past and present energy that has led you to where you are now.


It can help you understand the bigger picture of what is going on in your life and provide clarity and guidance on the best way forward.

Sally Atterbury

Spirit Medium

I help you CONNECT with and RECEIVE messages from passed loved ones (parents, children, partners, siblings, friends and pets). Providing evidence, I bring through information that describes or relates directly to you or a loved one. By bringing though any messages or information in a calm, positive and safe space. My aim of the reading is to have you leaving feeling connected and at peace knowing your loved ones are still around you.

2.Spirit Medium Sally Atterbury.jpg

Deborah Wolf [Healing Gold]

Shamanic Healing

I offer trauma-informed shamanic healing sessions, that are grounded, nurturing and deeply magikal, where we step into the fire and access core issues with deep integrative Soul work, ritual and somatic wisdom.Shamanic healing works on the energetic level and tracks back to where the current issue originally started, whether from childhood or another lifetime where the memory of the original trauma is still carried.

Sandra Pavasovic [AOSH]

Sound Healing

Through the use of healing sounds we can release the stress, tension and emotional baggage stored in the body that keeps us disconnected, dysregulated and stuck in life. This vibrational shift increases energy, confidence and clarity in our lives.

4.Sandra Pavasovic_AOSH Drum.jpg

Anna Pino

ONA Fertility

At ONA, fertility means health and growth in all areas of life. And we truly believe every woman at every stage deserves to feel their best. So whether you’re looking to conceive, going through another time of transition or you just feel a little out of balance, our specialist women’s health clinic can support you to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

Nikki Valentini


Our ‘SuperNature’ is within the beating heart of each of us. It is our capacity to adapt and connect to one another and our natural selves. My desire to assist people into their own SuperNature has lead me to using food as medicine.

6.Nikki Valentini .jpg

Nicole Rowan [Shibastra]


In Readings, I work with you to uncover your true self, encourage you to step into your power and empower you to pursue what is in your heart. I am guided by my own higher self, by my guides and angels and by tapping into your collective guidance.

Marania Bunton [Anahata]

Lomi Lomi Massage

Hawaiian healing work has been used traditionally to help one with ailments in the physical body, the emotional state and reaching spiritual connections. It is traditionally identified as a 'prayerful healing' that works with breath.

9.Marania Bunton.jpg

Power Super Foods

Certified Organic Superfoods

Power Super Foods source the finest quality, most nutritious and delicious, pure and ecologically sound superfoods with powerful benefits for your health. Grown and harvested by small holder farms operating with Fairtrade standards, their certified organic superfoods are sustainably and ethically sourced from amazing pure plant ingredients found across the globe, then processed with care to ensure potency and freshness are uncompromised.  

Lo Bro's Kombucha

Healthier Organic Drinks

We’re just a bunch of do-gooders. From the Doin’ Good energy that brings our drinks to life - we’re living proof of the community's power to make things happen. It begins with the way we create our kombucha - using authentic fermentation to craft brew delicious, healthier organic drinks with vibrant flavours that are naturally low in sugar and alive with living cultures.

Dr Bronners

Purest Organic & Fair Trade Ingredients

Dr Bronner's are providing sweet and nourishing hand soap, hand sanitiser and dishwashing liquid for all of our festival attendees. Look our for these products in our bathrooms and at our wash station!


Fluid & Electrolyte

Aqualyte are providing our staff and volunteers with their 3 different flavours to keep us hydrated throughout the festival!

Vege Chips

Plant-Based Gluten Free Chips

The Vege Chip Company is 100% Australian owned and situated on the beautiful Gold Coast. We are the market leader in producing plant-based Gluten Free chips. We provide Gluten Free snacks that taste great while being free from eggs, genetically modified ingredients, artificial colourings and preservatives.

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