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Market Stalls


Explore, Delight and Discover a Treasure

You can’t come to a festival without a little shopping right? Need a new festival outfit? Some handmade jewellery? Crafts? Pottery? Skin & health products? We’ve got you covered AND don’t worry, we have an ATM on site!

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The Festival Market

Arts & Crafts


Melbourne henna art 1.jpg

Melbourne Henna Art

Spiritual Blessings | Celebrates Life | Brings Prosperity Love

Daisy and Me Face and Body Art  2.jpeg

Daisy and Me Face and Body Art

Face Painting | Body Art | Glitter & Gems

Birds of a Feather 1.jpg

Birds of a Feather

Wildflower Smudge Bundles| Crystal Headpieces | Fedora Hats | Crystals & More

Eve till Dawn 2.jpg

Eve Till Dawn

Inspired By Ritualistic Magick | Feminine Mysteries | Altar Cloths | Fine Art Prints

Karina Flow 1.jpeg

State of Flow PROPShOP

High Quality Silk | Hand-Dyed In Melbourne | Each Piece Is Unique

Jesas Crafting 3.jpg

Jesa's Crafting

Handmade Crescent Moon Suncatchers | Crystal Bracelets | Crystal Bracelets

Soul Stories 1.jpg

Soul Stories

Written & Illustrated From The Heart | Insightful Creations That Capture

Drums of the Melissae 1.jpg

Drums of the Melissae

Handcrafted Medicine Drums | Rattles | Medicine Dolls | Amulets & Weavings

izala 1.jpeg


Sacred Geometry Pieces | Earrings And Rings

Henna Body Art 3.jpeg

Henna Body Art

Professional Henna Artist

Ashala Creations 1.jpg

Ashala Creations

Eco Dye Textile Design | Cosmetic Bags | Travel Bags

Deep Blue Ceramics 3.jpeg

Deep Blue Ceramics

Ceramics Arts | Crafting Beautiful & Functional 

Leaf Studios 1.jpg

Leaf Studios

Mystical Old Tales | Deep Connections To Our Nurturing Environment

Arts & Craft

Clothing & Wares


Ethnic Spirit 1.jpg

Ethnic Spirit

Fabrics Are Antique Hand-Embroidered

feather & thread 1.jpg

Feather & Thread

Plant Based Apothecary | Towels | Slow Fashion | Handmade Jewellery And Artisanal Wares

Wise Woman Undies 2.jpeg

Wise Woman Undies

Comfy Undies | Organic & Sustainable Fabrics

Sheesh Handmade 1.jpg

Sheesh Handmade

Comfortable Aline Skirts | Collection Of Vintage Fabrics

Havally 2.jpg


Designed In Melbourne | Inspired By The Tribal Treasure Of Kutchi Artisans

Miss Margarita 2.jpg

Miss Margarita's

Spectacular Vintage | Second Hand Clothing

Feather At Your Foot 1.jpeg

Feather At Your Foot

Handmade Clothing | Recycled Fabric | Vintage Clothing

Neisha Clothing 1.jpg

Neisha Clothing

Ethical Fashion Collection | All Limited Edition | Tailored To Embolden

SilknSilver 1.jpg


Simplicity | Beauty | Comfort & Colour

Zumbul creations 1.jpg

Zumbul Creations

Beautiful Range Of Festival Clothing | Made From Naural Fibre

Fabric of Society 1.jpeg

Fabric of Society

Sustainable Cotton Knitwear Label | Hand Dyed & Made With Love In Bondi

Surya 1.jpg


Loomed & Organic Cotton | Ethical & Fair Trade Clothing

Lalli Design 1.jpg

Lalli Design

Ethically Created For Free-Thinking Individuals

TOR 1.jpeg


Nature-Dyed Art | Slow Fashion Label | Fabrics Are 100% Natural

Clothing & Wares

Health, Beauty, Bath & Body


The Natural Health Option 2.jpg

The Natural Health Option

Handmade Unique Health Balms | Aid Minor Ailments

Catherine B 1.jpg

Catherine B

Organic Makeup | Sustainable & High-Quality Ingredients

Happy Flow 1.jpg

Happy Flow

Organic Herbal Blends | Beautiful Handmade Ceramic Bowls

Auriel Moon 1.jpg

Auriel Moon

Wellness Boutique | Services For The Mind, Body & Soul

Wilde Aroma 2.jpg

Wilde Aroma

Handmade Scented Candles | Natural Bath & Body Products

Earth Song Alchemy 3.jpg

Earth Song Alchemy

Botanical Ritual Healing Candles | Candles | Bath Soaks | Botanical Body Oils

1st Broadford Scouts 2.jpeg

1st Broadford Scouts

Cake Bake Sale With A Variety Of Delicious Baked Goods

Charlie 1.jpeg

Charlie + I.

Bio-Derived Ingredients Infused With Pure Plant Extracts | Designed To Deeply Nourish, Hydrate & Revitalise Your Skin

Health, Beauty, Bath & Body
Jewellery & Accessories 

Jewellery & Accessories 


Jinta Wanta3.jpg

Jinta Wanta

Traditional Handpainted Aboriginal Jewellery Pieces

Daffi Leather 3.jpg

Daffi Leather

Unique & Colourful | Inspired By The Groovy Vibes Of The 70'S

Kyoti Jewellery 1.jpg

Kyoti Jewellery

Mixed-Metal Jewellery | Natural Stones & Crystals | Beautiful & Symbolic Designs

Beautiful Blooms by Judy 1.jpg

Beautiful Blooms by Judy

Unique Botanical Jewellery | Accessories Made From Real Flowers

Sublime Colours Of Colombia 3.jpg

Sublime Colours Of Colombia

Hand-Crafted Jewellery | Hand Woven Bags

Yalang A Lang Jewels 1.jpg

Yalang A Lang Jewels

Handmade Recycled Sterling Silver Jewellery | Inspired By Natural Beauties Of The World

Tyet Designs 2.jpg

Tyet Designs

Designs Is The Perfect Fusion Of Art & Emotion | Unique Handmade Mixed Metal Creations

Muddied Hands Studio 2.jpg

Muddied Hands Studio

Handcrafted Jewellery | Adornments Inspired By Mystery

Millie June Silver Goods 1.jpg

Millie June Silver Goods

Silver Goods Pieces | 100% Recycled Sterling Silver

Placid Gems 2.jpg

Placid Gems

Hand Made Jewellery

Nothing Jaded 1.jpg

Nothing Jaded

Bold Colours Vivid Combinations | Vivid Combinations | Eclectic Mixes Of Atypical Stones

Botanical Stone 1.jpg

Botanical Stone

Jewellery That Weaves Botanical Geometries | Designs That Align You With Nature

Georgia On My Mind 2.jpeg

Georgia On My Mind

Artisan Crystal Jewellery | Ethical Traditional

Dutchies Delights 1.jpg

Dutchies Delights

Beautiful Handmade Macrame | Brass & Nature Inspired Jewellery

Global Princess 1.jpg

Global Princess

Specialising In Sterling Silver & Gold Plate Jewellery

A Silver Circle 1.jpg

A Silver Circle

Jewellery To Stained Glass & Timber Homewares | Beautiful Contemporary Handmade

The Chrysalis Effect 1.jpeg

The Chrysalis Effect

Amulets & Adornments | Touchstones For Your Intentions

Precious Grain 1.jpg

Precious Grain

Powerful Crystal Jewellery | Top Quality Crystals From Around The World

Spiritual Products & Services


Poppy The Gypsy Wagon 1.jpeg

Poppy The Gypsy Wagon

Look Into Life's Twists | Receive The Insight You've Been Seeking

Christalignment 1.jpeg


Intuitive Readers | Readings Using Our Own Cards

School of Shamanic Womancraft (1).jpg

School of Shamanic Womancraft

International Women's Mystery School

Reconnect Healing 1.jpg

Reconnect Healing

Mental Health Social Worker | Psychotherapist | Relationship Counsellor

Gateways of Light 1.jpeg

Gateways of Light

Tarot Reading

Tiffany Sassafrass 1.jpeg

Tiffany Sassafrass

Sacred Shamanic Sound Artist | Visual Artist | Astrologer | Tarot Reader

Pixie Moon 1.jpg

Pixie Moon

Crystal Reiki Candles | Visual Artist | Shamanic Medicine Drums | Rattles & Suncatchers

Avalon Rising 1.jpg

Avalon Rising

Locally Sourced And Made Well Being Products | Medicinal Ghees & Honey | Liposomal

Amanda Kate Transformational Kinesiology & Coaching 2.jpg

Amanda Kate Transformational Kinesiology & Coaching

Transformational Kinesiology & Coaching | Healing Ritual Products

Queen of Hearts Healing Arts 1.jpg

Queen of Hearts Healing Arts

Astrology Services | Healing Services

Geomancing the Stone 2.jpg

Geomancing the Stone

Reiki Master | Geomancer & gifted Sharman

Shamanic Soul Healing 2.jpg

Shamanic Soul Healing

Shamanic | Intuitive Energy & Sound Healer

Heavenly & Earthly Things 1.jpg

Heavenly & Earthly Things

Crystal Reiki | Seichim Master Teacher

Ahikaroa Maori Healing (4).jpg

Ahikaroa Maori Healing

Holistic Wellbeing | Spiritual Synergy | Maori Herbal Medicine | Incantation

FestiMama 1.jpg