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Art & Performance


Stir Your Soul

This year we have a fantastic program of talented women sharing their gifts

in the Chai tent, the Heart and throughout the festival grounds.

Check out our line up of roving actors, live artists, performers, poets, dancers,

Dj's, musicians, singer-songwriters and more.

We also have the opportunity for you to share your voice & gifts at the Chai Tent Open Mic Stage

Be Inspired - Be Enchanted - Be Mesmerised

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Take To The Stage!

Share your voice and gifts at our 'Open Mic Sessions' hosted by our fabulous comedic host Carolyn Mandersloot.

Signup at Chai tent or pre sessions

at the info tent

Saturday - Open Mic 

2:30 - 5:00pm

Sunday - Open Mic Poetry

8:30 - 9:30pm

Sunday - Open Mic 

2:30 - 5:00pm

Sunday - Open Mic Finale 

7:30pm - 9:00pm

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Be Enchanted

By Our Visually Stunning Performers & Dancers Roving The Grounds

jessy and karina (1).jpeg

Jessy Spin & Karina Flow

Aurora Flair1.jpg


Aurora Flair is the perfect storm of circus, sensuality and grace. Catch her weaving through the festival grounds with her dazzling visual performances

HANABI is a thrilling duet fire performance representing the fierce yet graceful power of the feminine.

Janelle and Emily.jpeg

Bluefire belly Dance 

Twirl through a labyrinth of tango inspired tunes while being mesmerised by the smooth moves of Janelle and Emily - inspiring belly dancers!  

Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at 6.30.26 pm.jpeg

Check out Our Heart Dj's & Dancers

Playing Friday, Saturday & Sunday night at the Heart Stage


Burn City Queenz

Come get the party started Saturday night with our all female, culturally diverse, Dancehall and Afro Fusion dance crew from Burncity 👑 Be inspired, entertained and join our group dance circle!

Saturday 6:45pm




With the unique mix of worldly heart opening music and deep slow bass, Bekla gets everyone on the dance floor down and dirty while simultaneously raising their vibration. 

FRIDAY 8:30pm



Adaptive across Progressive house, Techno, House, Deep house, Tech house and Funky disco, Montana’s sound is every fresh, always fun and never to be missed.

FRIDAY 9:30pm


DJ Nat Russell 1.jpeg

Nat Russell

A passionate Dj who loves showcasing female electronic music producers from across the globe in her mixes. Nat’s mix at Seven Sisters Festival will take women on a journey through ’The Elements' via the language of deep, melodic and organic house music. 




Wax Fox

A Seven Sisters Regular, Wax Fox plays a delicious & eclectic mix of house, techno, tech house, funk, nu disco, breaks and soul.Check out WaX FoX and the beats to make dance floors melt. Come dance & be free

SATURDAY 9:00pm 



Rosy B

Dance of Decades!

Rosy B will take control of the decks after Marissa Treichel and take you on a fun and energetic journey at Dance of Decades with music from the 90's to present!

SUNDAY 8:15pm

JazzMoon promo photo_edited.jpg


JazzMoon will take you on an ethereal, groovy and melodic journey. Playing a mixture of deep house and uplifting techno, sprinkled with improvised Live flute. 
Be left in a blissful trance that cracks your heart wide open & leaves you feeling warm, inspired & entertained.

FRIDAY 7:30pm


Marissa Treichel.png

Marissa Treichel

Dance of Decades!

Open your heart, your pores and your jazz hands, with Director of The Cassettes’ Marissa Treichel. 

Led with expertise and delight, prepare to laugh, sweat, DANCE and feel deeply satisfied, through the awesome power and hilarity of 60s, 70s and 80s music.

SUNDAY 7:00pm


357920176_342154194807574_6891369915208162233_n (1).jpg

Miss Behaviour

For over a decade miss behaviour has graced every shore of australia with her pumping, jump up music style, if you get a chance, throw down a boogie with her! A guaranteed performance to have you smile, shake and feel free. 

SUNDAY 9:30pm


Chai Tent Performers

Let them Open your Heart & Touch your Core

Our luscious Chai Lounge is the perfect place to unwind after exploring the markets and workshops.

Located in the heart of the festival ground, near our food market, it is the perfect environment to lounge on cushions, rest, enjoy the views and be enchanted by our talented performers 


Emily Nesvara (1).jpg


Chilean blooded and Australian born, RnB/neo-soul artist ELAURA’s voice surfs through the chatter of the world and invites you to delight in life as the rollercoaster that it is. Embodying a fusion of her great grandmother’s names ‘Emilia’ & ‘Laura’, ELAURA leaves her legacy of love on every stage she sets foot on. “I want my audiences to come exactly as they are and by the end of the show, be reminded that exactly as they are, is enough in that moment and the moments to come.

SATURDAY 7:30pm 


Noriko Tadano (1).jpg

Noriko Tadano and Sayaka

Noriko is an ever-evolving creative force who continues to take her Japanese music to places few have ventured.

A culturally diverse female musician and performer, Noriko seeks out unique collaborations and creative practices that extend well beyond her music into acting and theatre, sound art and composing.

Noriko teams up with Taiko drummer Sayaka Ohno to perform a number of powerful and heart pounding pieces.

SATURDAY 12:15pm 


Kate B-5.jpeg

Kate B.

Discover Kate B's songs to uplift the heart, songs to be still and rest amongst, and songs to slow dance. With a modern infusion of eclectic styles including beautiful folk songs, shaped by life, inspired by nature, infused with mantra and sweet harmonies, this music is truly a pleasure to the ear and the heart. Kate plays her harp, ukulele & guitar, sharing original songs.  

SUNDAY 1:15pm 


Black Tiger.jpg

Black Tiger

My whole life I have felt like I don’t quite fit in. Looking different to the people around me, talking and even thinking differently, I’ve often felt like I’m the odd one out. It stopped bothering me when I was a teenager, and then I maybe secretly didn't mind not being the same as everyone else... however a few years ago I realised that one of the places at which I felt at home was a dance floor.

FRIDAY 3:00 pm




maloU will take you on a rhythmic journey by blending deep, hypnotic bass lines with melodic sounds, or by fusing deep organic ambient sounds, she continuous to refine her passion and give a unique spin to any dance-floor.

SUNDAY 9:00am 




Claire Tonti is a musician and podcaster passionate about supporting women to reclaim their fire and their identity through all the phases of their life but particularly through the season of Matrescence. She features songs of love, loss, overcoming birth trauma and mothering as a creative.

FRIDAY 8:15pm 


AliSkiba (1).jpeg

Ali Skiba

Ali is a music medicine woman on a mission to raise the vibration of humanity. Drawing inspiration from the shamanic vocals of Deya Dova and the looping magic of Tash Sultana, Ali uses her voice and entourage of instruments to share heart songs, channel medicine music, hold breathwork ceremonies and help others unlock the healing power of their own voice via voice activation and song channeling practices.

SUNDAY 12:15pm 


alice_night_feather (1).jpg

Alice Night

Alice Night is a candid singer-songwriter and performer likely to make you laugh, cry or both. She delivers soul-stirring, emotional songs alongside entertaining off the cuff banter.

Alice offers her audiences an oasis for feelings and contemplation, while sharing intimate stories and provocations through song. Her new album Wild Ivy is out soon.

SATURDAY 1:15pm 


Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at 6.32.32 pm.png

Niki Lobartolo

A twirl into the labyrinth of violin using special effects and vocals, Niki LoBartolo has created a set list of original songs. Inspired by her passion for tango, and jazz, and by drawing from her learnings and experiences ranging from her ravenous lust for life and self-discovery. With a sprinkle of artistry from Dr Clarissa Estès woven with her own swirling melodic lines, Niki implores you to come, listen, dance and journey with her through an eclectic zephyr of sound.

SATURDAY 6:30pm 


candice mcleod1 (1).jpg

Candice Mcleod

Truth-telling folk songstress, Candice McLeod. Capturing the soul stories of eight long years living a life on the road.

Her live performances have been described as endearing; her stage presence, raw and real.

Candice is an artist willing to lay her heart bare for the sake of connection.


FRIDAY 7:15pm 


Open Mic with Carolyn Mandersloot

Carolyn Mandersloot's comedy is like having a good biscuit and a cup of tea with your hilarious best friend. Only better. She weaves together a narrative exploring the grand complexities and challenges of the human experience- birth, life, death and parenting teenagers. Carolyn draws her experience of palliative care nursing to deftly hold a compassionate space in which audiences can laugh at the both the unthinkable and the undeniable.

SATURDAY 2:30pm 

SUNDAY 2:30pm 

SUNDAY 7:30pm 


Enrich your life with Experiences


Going to a festival alone

Are you feeling the call?

NOV 23-27 2023 - GLENAROUA,VIC

Curate your own custom weekend retreat with yoga, sound healing, health and spirituality workshops, performance and more. There are over 140 workshops and 20 performances across 8 venues for you to enjoy. No bookings required! Simply turn up to the venue at the right time to enjoy.

(Round 1 & 2  Tickets - SOLD OUT, Final Round Selling Fast)

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