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Be Part of the Magic!

Farm Working Bees


Come get involved in creating the foundations for the Seven Sisters Festival Site.  

Read below to find out the unique ways you can volunteer pre-event and then enjoy the whole festival  


We are excited to have a permanent home and we want your assistance to help build and cultivate beautiful gardens, installations and friendships year after year. Join the experience, volunteer pre-event and enjoy the whole festival uninterrupted.


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Friday Sep 2nd- 4th- 2022 

Upcoming Dates





1755 Seymour-Tooborac Rd, Glenaroua 

How does it work?

  • Sign up with the general volunteer form so we have your details and can track your hours.
  • Volunteers who work pre-event are required to do 18hours work for a festival ticket.
  • Those who work during the event work 12 hours.
  • Pre-event hours usually equates to 3 full days
  • If you complete your hours- pre-event - you will receive a ticket link 
  • If you complete some hours - these will be tracked and you will follow the general volunteer process mentioned below

Type of  Farm Work?

  • For this type of volunteering, it is important that most Volunteers are physically fit as the majority of tasks will involve a physical element such as the following gardening & landscaping activities​

    • mulching/ mixing & distributing soil & mulch 

    • collection of tree branches

    • collection of rocks

    • building rock walls & garden beds

    • organising and inventory work for Festival equipment

  • NOTE: We do have a couple of placements for those who require less physically demanding tasks, such as food prep, cleaning organising and inventory. Please let us know beforehand.


Meals and snacks will be provided- including gluten-free and vegan options.


Friday           -  9am - 4:30pm  (BF & LUNCH)

Saturday       -  9am - 4:30pm  (LUNCH & DINNER)

Sunday         -  9am - 4:30pm  (BF, LUNCH )




You are welcome to camp onsite. Please bring all camping supplies to make your stay 

comfortable.  You are welcome to use the house showers and toilets.

Volunteer tickets & process?

If you complete your hours pre-event during Farm weekends you will be sent a free ticket link.

If you have incomplete hours you will partake in the normal volunteer process as follows

The volunteer ticket process is set up to create both easy financially accessibility ( no full upfront payment) for participants & accountability for the festival.

1. Volunteers will be sent a link for a volunteer ticket at a nominal payment fee of $30 to signify their commitment to the event & agreement terms and cover camping, car levy & administration costs. This ticket has a unique scan code and will enable entry

2. If they successfully fulfill their shift no further payment is required.

3. If volunteers don't fulfill their commitment to hours they agree to pay for the full price of a Round 3 ticket of $399 plus a $50 administration fee.

Do I need to be vaccinated to volunteer?

No,the Victorian government no longer requires all festival attendees to be double-vaccinated to attend.

In regards to attending a working bee, if you present with symptoms prior we encourage you to get tested and to not attend.

If you develop symptoms during and after, we request that you let us know and arrange to get tested.

As a responsible practise, we encourage you to get tested before and after attending.

If you have questions, please contact Rosanna on 

We look forward to having you join us at the Farm 


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Join this movement of Women

honouring their health & healing

Join us this Oct 6-9th 2022 for a New Era of Seven Sisters Festival

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