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Get all the juicy details! 

More information coming soon! Keep an eye out for all the great changes coming for 2023.

A few key important dates for 2023!

  • Tickets released 12pm Thursday April 13th

  • Applications open April 20th & close May 20th 5pm

  • Program released June 

  • Festival Dates ( Friday Nov 24 - Monday 27th November)

CHANGES FOR 2023 - April 8th


Each year we truly want to create the most joyous, nourishing and inspiring experience possible for you at Seven Sisters Festival and a big part that helps us to achieve that is your feedback. 


We have taken all of your feedback and our own learnings from a new site into careful consideration as we create this year’s festival and we want to let you know some of the changes that will be happening. We are confident that these changes will create a high quality experience with more ease and enjoyment for all involved.


One of the most important changes is the dates of the festival which are Friday 24th - Monday 27th November 2023. Late November will bring warmer evenings and more stable weather. We also feel that running the festival from Friday to Monday will flow better. Our closing ceremony will be held at 3pm on Monday so you’ll have plenty of time to travel home and enjoy the post-festival bliss.


This year the festival will be more intimate and less tickets will be available for a more connected experience. Our theme is ‘The Elements’ and we have renamed our spaces in line with this theme: Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Ether & The Hub. We’ve been doing earthworks to improve roads and levelout workshop spaces. 


We have received feedback that the huge amount of workshops and offerings has been overwhelming and it’s tricky to get to all the activities you’d like to attend due to time clashes. So this year we have simplified our program and included more repeat workshops so you’ll have more chances to attend all of the offerings.


To reduce overwhelm we’re also making ‘The Hub’ the centerpiece/main stage of the festival so if you’re not sure what to choose next, you’ll have an anchor point to go back to. 


We’re also offering more open mic opportunities beyond just music so you’ll have a space to share your poetry, comedy and more! 


We’ve received lots of feedback when it comes to glamping so we’ve decided this year to simplify the glamping arrangements and no longer offer a lounge and breakfast option which will make glamping more affordable. We’re still reviewing the glamping arrangements and there are more updates to come.


When it comes to camping, we’ve moved the location for the Mums & bubs and accessible camping to the top of the hill, and their parking will be prioritised with early entry to make their experience easier. The main camping area for everyone else has been moved to one area which is flatter for a more enjoyable experience. The locations for toilets have changed for better management. We’ve also removed the shower tokens so showers will be complimentary but we ask that you please respect this by having a shower every other day so we don’t run out of water. 


To improve the arrival experience and onsite parking and car management, we have built new roads, regravelled and repaired old roads and drainage systems and we are also reintroducing the car levy.


And lastly, we have a new ticketing platform which means payment plans have no fee and a longer repayment period so it’s now more accessible than ever to come to the festival! 


We’re very excited about these changes as we know they will bring more ease and flow to your festival experience. We also continue to welcome your feedback with open arms. 


Thank you sister,

Seven Sisters Festival 


May 30th 2023


Each year as our budget allows we will be making specific site improvements to enhave the experience and safety of festival guests and participants. This year we have taken on board feedback and our learnings and been prioritising site improvements including building new access roads and repairing and regraveling current roads. We have also been leveling out key areas for market stalls, healing haven and workshop spaces. We are still very much building the foundations of our site and are excited to be crafting the site to best suit our needs. 

Stay tuned on our socials for more updates!

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We sell out fast!

Every year we are selling out tickets faster and faster - for 2023 we are also going smaller and more intimate, so there will be fewer tickets available - make sure you don’t miss out!

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