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Retreat  Spaces

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Come Explore

Throughout the festival grounds you will discover retreat spaces to rest, relax and recharge. As well as talented artists to inspire you with their live paintings, artworks, creative community projects and craft activities which await your creative hands, hearts and minds.

Rest - Relax - Recoup - Recharge 

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Queer Tent

The Rainbow Tent is a new addition to the Seven Sisters Festival offing a queer safe space for all to come and enjoy.
Come celebrate your unique identity in the comfort of a fun, joyful, and creative haven facilitated by caring members of the LGBTQI+ community.


The Rainbow Tent is Facilitated from 10 am - 7 pm by Pia Gaia and her group of skilled LGBTQI+ Women all ready to hold space for you.
The Rainbow Tent is brought to you by the Gaia Temple in Moonee Ponds, an inclusive space and group of Goddess-loving people creating events at the intersection of Spirituality, Ecology, and Community Activation.

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The Spirit Den

The Spirit Den is a quiet peaceful space where you can take your soul to recharge when the outside world is getting overwhelming. Whether you're feeling anxious in the crowds or a workshop brought up some unexpected emotions it's all okay here. Whatever you're feeling is okay here.

11am-6pm Friday & Saturday and 11am-2pm on the Sunday.


The space is run by Lina & Liz who will sit with you and offer a kind ear and some calming breath work to help you re-centre yourself before heading back out to the festival. This space welcomes our festival goers to relax and recharge in a safe space.

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The Red Tent

The School of Shamanic Womancraft will once again be holding women sacred within the Red Tent. Graduates from the school hold a safe, gentle space to be held, heard. Come share some herbal tea, warm hugs and smudging.


The School of Shamanic Womancraft has held the Red Tent from the beginning of Seven Sisters. As a tribe of women we hold a desire to hold the healed Sisterhood in her Wild Heart. To build a form that would hold this intent could be imbued with much sacredness. Drumming at Dusk an honour to hold each blessed day of sisterhood.


The Temple of the Divine Feminine

The Temple of the Divine Feminine is a space to sit in reverence with that which is readily available to us all. A sacred space: the altar of the Divine Feminine is designed and curated for you to simply sit and connect with the beauty of nature and feel the presence of the divine feminine. Allow her to rise in you, feeler unconditional love, compassion, and wisdom. Write prayers, meditate, or simply sit to receive the loving energy of the temple.


Mia is an intuitive healer, creator, and space holder. Through her circles, ceremony, and creations, she is a conduit for the beauty of the divine. Her gift is creating space for others to align, attune and find the balance within themselves to find healing and love, surrender and acceptance.

So much waiting for you to Explore

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