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Welcome Home  Sister


This Nov 24-27th at Colston Hill
1755 Seymour-Tooborac Rd, Glenaroua, Victoria (Taungurung Country)

We are very excited to welcome you to Seven Sisters Festival 2023, now happening on the cusp of Summer. We have prepared some basic information below to ensure you come prepared and have the best possible stay.

This is your weekend to unwind, replenish, get energised or relax - you design it according to your needs and desires. There are no compulsory activities and no bookings for workshops or performances (except the Healing Haven); simply turn up at the allocated time to attend the activity of your desire.


Look through our website or download the Seven Sisters Festival App

on your phone (Android) (Apple)
or download the printable version here.


No pre-bookings are required. Simply turn up 10 mins before the start of a workshop. We encourage you to line up outside a space whilst it is being set up and you will be invited in when the presenter is ready.  Some workshops  may not allow late entry, others will be happy for you to join in.  The Workshop Space Guardian will give you direction. Most workshops run twice, so if you miss one you can catch up another day.  You are not obligated to stay in any workshop, however, if you wish to leave it would be great if you could let the event crew know that you are okay before leaving.


This year, we are opting for an online program app only which reduces significant paper wastage, it enables us to create instant updates and changes to the program or map. As well as instantly message guests with any important news or updates. 

Go to your app store and search Seven Sisters Festival and start planning!  (Android) (Apple)

For those of you who don't wish to use your phones, don't worry, you don't need them! We will still have workshop and program descriptions on boards outside the workshop spaces and the chai village.

You will also receive a simple 1-page map and timetable on arrival. 


Now for the important practical stuff…

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1755 Seymour-Tooborac Rd, Glenaroua, Victoria (Taungurung Country)

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Firslty, we would love to reduce our environmental impact so we encourage you to car pool where you can. Please offer a lift or alternatively find a lift on our facebook carpooling page and take the opportunity to make a new friend & share the journey.




On arrival, you will drive 750m into the property and will remain in your car for ticket processing. Please have your General admission and car pass tickets ready for scanning off your phone. (Car pass applicable only to those camping onsite). You will then be directed to the appropriate campgrounds by our friendly crew who will direct you to park in the parking zone and then set up camp in the camping area.

Please note, there is a 'waiting bay' zone after ticketing to utilise if you are wanting to wait to catch up with your friends to go in convoy to find a campsite together.


The Kiss and Go/ Drop off area is located at the main gate. Your ticket can be scanned here. This area is designed for anyone who needs to be dropped off or picked up from the site during the festival.


ACCESS  & TICKETING TIMES:(Staggered Entry Times)

Enter according to your car pass

Friday 24 November

  • 10 am:     Early entry for Accessible guests, Caravans & Mums & bubs

  • 11 am:      First round of General Guests 

  • 12:30pm: Second entry time General Guests

(please note gates close for entry at 9pm)

Saturday 25 November: 

  • 7:30am – 12:00pm / Exit only after this period

Sunday 26 November:  

  • 7:30am – 12:00pm / Exit only after this period

Monday 27 November 

  • 7:30am –  12:00pm (arrival)

  • The Festival ends at 3:00pm (guest must exit by 6pm


12-5pm- Friday 24th- Lake District


Once you have settled into your campsite, Taungurung Elders, Aunty Jo Honeysett and Aunty Bernadette invite you to the Lake District's ceremonial fire to receive and partake in an ancient Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony. This practice involves the burning of native leaves to produce smoke for guests to pass through, this is a common ritual for a Traditional welcome, a blessing, and a cleansing as you arrive on Taungurung land.



Please join Aunty Jo Honeysett at 6 pm back at the Lake District for  "Welcome to Country" and an official opening to those attending Seven Sisters Festival. This is an opportunity for everyone in the festival to gather and set a shared intention for our time together over the next 4 days.

CLOSING CEREMONY:  Monday 2:30 pm 

The festival will conclude with a closing ceremony, with an opportunity for guests to gather, ground, and share their gratitude and acknowledgment of contributors, organisers, and crew. It is also the final point for sharing any news or information.

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Map Oct 15.v2- Zoom In SSF23 am.jpeg
hammock land.jpeg


  • All guests camping onsite require a car pass/ caravan pass/ sleeping in vehicle pass, mums & bubs or accessible car pass.

  • Only 1 car pass needed per car, not per person. 

  • Day guests, do not require a car pass.

  • Please take note of the arrival time listed on the car pass.

  • For safety reason, please drive no faster than 5km per hour on-site

  • The Day parking is situated in the Eastern Paddock (near the entry gate)

  • General Parking for Camping guests is in the Western Paddock (festival zone).

  • Camping and parking is separate unless you have purchased a sleeping-in vehicle pass/mums & bubs or accessible pass.

  • Please note Sleeping In vehicle pass and general camping are in different zones.

GENERAL CAMPING (Tents & sleeping in Car under 6m) ( 

  • There are no marked-out plots for general camping zones (mums & bubs, and accessible sites do have marked-up zones)

  • Car parking and Camping are separate for safety reasons. 

  • For safety reasons, once you are parked there are minimal vehicle movements onsite. 

  • Also, don't peg into any paint spray/ chalk lines (this is where our underground water pipes are located.) 


  • There is a dedicated caravan area.

  • This area is for Campervan's and RV's that are over 6m and all camper trailers and caravans (no matter the size).

  • You MUST have a caravan ticket to camp in this section.  Space are limited 

  • Please note there is a Caravan parking in the Mums and Bubs & Accessible Area.

If you need assistance setting up your caravan/trailer/campervan you can enter with a partner or non-ticket paying family member from 10am-11am on Friday 24 November. They must be off-site from 11am, as the festival begins at 11:00 am. 

  • Each caravan site is 4m x 14m. All vehicles need to be self-contained.

  • No generators are permitted.

  • No power, water, or waste services are provided.

SSF MS Layout Options (4).png
SSF MS Layout Options (2).png

If you are planning on Sleeping in your vehicle under 6m you need a sleeping in vehicle pass 


In case you’ve forgotten glampers, here is a lovely reminder of what your 

complete setup stay-cation includes! 


Basic Glamping tents include:

  • 5m water-proof canvas bell tent with mesh screened front door and vents, including:

  • Single or Double Comfortable foam/air camp mattress on a stretcher frame to sleep one or two people

  • NOTE: You must bring your own pillow & bedding.

Furnished Glamping tents include:

5m water-proof canvas bell tent with mesh screened front door and vents, including:

• Single or Double Comfortable foam/air camp mattresses to sleep one or two people
• Pillow

• Bedding and linen
• Throw blanket
• Bedside table
• Battery-powered lights

• Mirror
• Rug

• Pathway lighting and signage.


  • Follow the entrance road and directions to the glamping village 

  • Park your car at check-in waiting bay and drop your bags 

  • Check-in with staff at the check-in tent with your glamping ticket, and be given your tent number and directions

  • Glampers have the opportunity to advise check-in staff if you require assistance in getting your bags to your tent

  • Return to your car in the waiting bay and follow directions to park in the glamping vehicle carpark

A reminder that there is no glamping lounge or breakfast included in this year's package.




Prepare yourself for the most comfortable experince you can. Please bring everything you need in the way of shelter and bedding to be comfortable and dry.


  • Power bank for your phone.O

  • Yoga mat

  • Notebook and pen

  • Tent, pillow and sleeping gear, if camping (warm)

  • Torch

  • Warm clothes, jacket and bedding (it gets cold overnight)

  • Appropriate shoes for a farm site in Victoria (Gumboots or shoes that are easy to slip on and off are highly recommended - as some of our workshop spaces are shoe-free!)

  • Towel and personal toiletries for showers 

  • Reusable Water bottle

  • Sunscreen, hat, and mosquito repellent

  • Cash for food, chai, cakes, market stalls, Healing Haven appointments (we recommend a $15-25 donation per session) etc (there is an ATM on site if required)

  • Loose clothing for yoga and workshops and warm clothes for the evenings

  • Eskie (we sell ice onsite)

  • 2x Rubbish bags or containers (for recycling and for general rubbish) to take home what you bring in

  • A reusable cup 

  • An open mind and heart


 There are no permanent facilities on the site, all facilities are being brought in for the festival.

  • Portable toilets

  • Hot Showers are included in your ticket (3-minute or less showers. All water and waste is trucked in and trucked out -please be mindful.)

  • Accessible showers and toilets are available in the accessible camping area.

  • Water taps are scattered throughout the campgrounds with free drinking water.

  • Hot water station (bring your thermos)

  • Wash station for your plates, bowls, mugs, reusable cups, etc.

  • Ice for sale at the information tent for $7 a bag, so don't forget your esky.

  • ATM facilities (you must have your physical bank card to use the atms)

  • Phone charging station - limited phone charging will be provided at the Information Tent:
    We encourage everyone to bring their own power banks.

  • 24-hour First Aid services (on call overnight)

  • Information Tent

  • Support and free counseling services (for those in need), please visit our First Aid tent.

  • A variety of retreat spaces including a Teen's lounge,  Red Tent, a Mums & Bubs Sanctuary, Rainbow Tent and Hammock land.

Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 6.21.30 pm.png


We have a complete fire ban as part of our permit regulations.

Please adhere to the following:

  • No smudge sticks, candles, fires, pyrotechnics, firecrackers, sparklers, incense sticks or flares.

  • No gas stoves or BBQ’s

  • No dogs or pets (support animals are exempt)

  • No drugs or alcohol

  • No swimming

  • No glass

  • No smoking near the workshop or food areas.  There is one designated smoking area on site. Please pick up & bin your cigarette butts. 

  • Observe the specified gate opening and closing times

  • Wear your official festival wristband at all times

  • Wear appropriate footwear on the festival site at all times. It’s a farm and it’s Victoria, come prepared for rain and the terrain!

  • No non-paying ticket holders/ friends to come onsite to help set up or pack up your gear without prior approval from Seven Sisters Management 

  • All Caravans, Campervans (over 6m) and trailers must have a valid Caravan/Campervan ticket to enter the site.




Please be aware, we will have council staff and some waste removal contractors that do not identify as women onsite. They will all be wearing high-vis vests.



Remember to bring your power bank, we run on generator power and don't have power points available for thousands of guests. 

Powered sites are only available to attendees who have purchased a power ticket for medical reasons. Patrons must have had a valid reason to purchase this ticket.

Campers with a powered site will camp in the accessible area


Power cannot be used for high-voltage electrical equipment such as a kettle and hair dryer. This will short-circuit the system.  


There is free drinking water onsite, please bring your water bottles and your reusable cups to help us reduce waste!  


Mobile service can be sketchy in some areas of the site. Optus seems to have the best reception out of all mobile providers. Reception is better at the top of the hill near the Info Tent. 



Seven Sisters aims to be zero waste and has a leave no trace policy. 


We will: 

  • Compost all food scraps on site 

  • Have clearly signed and staffed waste station where all items are carefully sorted

  • Provide a wash-up station, with limited capacity. We will increase this next year.

  • Becoming zero waste means a strong partnership with you, our festival goers, to make sure we all play our part. 

  • REDUCE is at the top of the waste hierarchy and we aim high!


Our request to you. 


  • BYO coffee and/or drinks cup – importantly make sure it is clean before you take it to a vendor! Let’s face it, we all have more than one in our cupboards – consider bringing more than one – to minimise your trips to the wash station 

  • BYO water bottle – you will be able to refill on site

  • Pack your snacks and food into reusable containers before you leave home.

  • Plan to take home rubbish – bring your own rubbish container or recycled shopping bag

  • To help minimise and sort, there will be ONE ONLY waste station, staffed by friendly volunteers to help you to know where to put your item. The number one friend to the environment is making conscious decisions.

Seven Sisters Festival 2023 direct sustainability actions:

  • Ban the sale of single-use plastic bottled water and plastic straws

  • Continue Onsite composting as part of our waste management system

  • Provide a wash station to promote reusable cups and crockery

  • Encourage attendees not to print tickets

  • Encourage attendees to be sustainable festival attendees

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle festival materials where possible

  • Use wash station and reusable crockery for crew catering

  • Our Green team will be positioned at the bin station to assist correct


Over the past 11 years, we’ve become more aware of the areas in which we as a festival need, and want, to change, grow, and learn. We want to ensure that every woman who attends our festival has the opportunity for transformation, joy, and fun in a safe and welcoming environment. ​

Our Community car & Inclusion page is an invitation for YOU to be an active part of this important and powerful journey with us 

to co-create a festival where all women attending feel safe. 


If you have any accessible requirements please contact, so we can assist you where possible.  We will have a Guest Services Manager and volunteer team to assist you if needed. 


If in need, the festival provides free counseling services, for those who are needing urgent support. Please go to the first aid tent and our nurses will call one of our onsite counselors to assist.

Please note there are a number of quiet retreat spaces onsite.


Please thoroughly read our website and FAQs for answers to any other queries before emailing for answers.


Our 2024 event is scheduled for the Weekend of 16-18 Nov 

Like all years, current festival attendees get first access to next year's tickets at a

SUPER early bird rate (ONLY $389!) 100 Tickets are available at this Special Price.

Go to the Info tent to get your ticket during the event and 

avoid the pressure of the early bird ticket launch ( that usually sells out within 10 minutes). ( t




Our Seven Sisters team are so excited to share this very special event with you and we ask you to join us in setting your intentions to create a warm, welcoming and transformative weekend for all.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon!


With Love,

The Seven Sisters Team

15-18 Nov 2024, Glenaroua, VIC
Super Early Bird Ticket


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