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Glamping & Accommodation


Find The Option That Suits You

Choose your Comfort Levels

Create your own beautifully decorated campsite, bring your caravan, hire a glamping
tent or stay at a local Airbnb. The option is yours!

General Camping is included in your ticket price for 3 nights.



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General Camping

3 nights general camping is included in your ticket.
Come set up in our designated camp areas


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Explore our Basic andLluxury Glamp tent and Tipi options.



Caravans,Trailers & RVs

Caravans, RV's & trailers are all welcome this year but they need to book & register a specific space in our caravan camp zone.


Local Accomm

Have your own private house, kitchen & bathroom- Check out featured properties on
and Airbnb



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Camping onsite is a big part of the festival experience; living in a village of women and immersing yourself night & day in the Festival activities.



Onsite we have designated camping areas marked out by signs and bunting and are further specialised into camping areas for:

  • Glamping 

  • Mums and bubs

  • Quiet camping

  • Solo campers 

  • RV/trailer and caravan camping

  • Mobility friendly/accessible camping  

  • General camping


There are no personally allocated plots, except for The RV's, caravans & trailers camp zone (6x15m plots) which can be hired

and can accommodate multiple cars and tents (see more information below). 

Everyone else simply drives in, finds a spot that suits, parks and sets up their campsite.

Please note that parked cars are separated but immediately next to camp areas for convenience and safety reasons.

Some carparks open directly to the camping zones. Other carpark areas will require you to move your gear 6-20meters. More info, diagrams and maps are coming soon. First in, first serve

OUR MUMS & BUBS CAMP ZONE: has a “Mums & Bubs Goddess Suite” which is equipped with change tables, bathtubs and feeding chairs. It is located conveniently close to the festival to minimise walking. 


OUR QUIET ZONE: which is a little more removed from the festival site, to allow for peace, space and privacy and to camp with other campers who like a peaceful camp zone.



The festival site operates on a TOTAL FIRE BAN. 

This includes:

  • No campfires, candles, fires, pyrotechnics, firecrackers, sparklers or flares. 

  • No gas stoves or BBQ’s (these will be checked at the gates & grounds and confiscated until after the event). 

FACILITIES: The site is a farm site, therefore all facilities are being brought in for the event. There will be portaloos, composting toilets and hot water showers available in the campgrounds. Hot water showers are $5 per shower to cover costs of gas, water, power, infrastructure, waste, staffing and cleaning. 

Accessible showers and toilets are also available and located directly at the accessible camping area. 

Please note that there are no cooking or refrigerated storage facilities available. We do have ice for sale at the Info Tent

for your eskies and we have several food vendors serving a wonderful assortment of tasty food options, for all dietary requirements and preferences.

INFO TENT: is available to answer questions, sell ice, phone charging, message board, shower tokens and shuttle bus passes.

CARAVAN/ TRAILERS: You are welcome to bring your trailer or caravan but you must reserve a specific Caravan/ trailer pass. These spots are limited and will entitle you to a 15m wide x 6m long level and easily accessible camping/parking area, which is drive in, drive out without unhinging or reversing. Cost is $100+ Booking fee


MORE QUESTIONS? Email Rosanna at or check out our FAQ

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Have a Glamorous Camping Experience


Every now and then it’s great to indulge in something unique, decadent and memorable.

Why not enhance your Seven Sisters experience clamping style?

We do all the work and you simply turn up and enjoy!

Don’t worry abut setting up tents, carrying gear, packing and unpacking… let us do that for you!

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inside tent
tipi 1
inside tipi 2
inside tipi 3


Please note: booking a glamp tent is in addition to your festival ticket.
Glamp tents accommodate up 4-5 people. 

Oztix Pay Over Time Payment Plans are currently no longer available


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Basic Glamping Tent


5m water-resistant canvas bell tent with mesh screened front door and vents, including:

• Single or Double Comfortable foam/air camp mattress on a stretcher frame to sleep one or two people

NOTE: You must bring your own pillow & bedding.

Enjoy having it all set up & packed up for you!

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Luxury Glamping Tent


5m water-resistant canvas bell tent with mesh screened front door and vents, including:

• Single or Double Comfortable foam/air camp mattresses to sleep one or two people
• Quality bedding and linen
• Throw cushions & Throw blanket
• Towel
• Bedside tables
• Long bench table
• Battery-powered bedside lanterns
• Rug
• Front doormat
• Pathway lighting and signage.

ACCESS: to Lux Glamping Lounge Area and breakfast 


Caravans,Vans & RVs

Caravans, Trailers & RV's are all welcome this year but they need to book & register a specific space in our Caravan camp zone if over 6meters in length.


All vehicles need to be self contained.

We are not able to provide power, water and waste services for this coming year.


Booked sites will be drive in & out and will not require reversing or unhinging.

We will have staff to assist with chocking & securing safety of vehicles.

Plots will be 6m x 15m and

can accommodate:
1 car, 1 caravan and room for awnings, tables and chairs. 

Cost is $100 + BF


Tipi Glamping


16ft /20ft  or 22ft water-resistant canvas Tipi, including:

• Futon & frame
• Coffee tables
• Battery-powered bedside lanterns/candles
• Rug
• Front doormat
• Throw blanket & pillow
• Quality bedding and linen 
• Towel per person
• Pathway lighting and signage

ACCESS: to Lux Glamping Lounge Area and breakfast   

Vans & RVs
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Luxury Lounge

Glamp Camp’s lux lounge is a private lush hang out area with tables and chairs and hot water facilities. It includes tea and instant coffee facilities, as well as complimentary breakfast; muesli, cereal, yogurt, stewed fruits, toast, jam, an assortment of spreads and herbal teas. Enjoy your own private lounge area and meet other glampers!

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image-from-rawpixel-id-2194565-png (1).png

Payment Plans?

Payment plans are available for an extra $20 cost on your order and will be divided over 5 easy fortnightly payments. Simply

select payment plan options at checkout through our ticketing platform.

Oztix Pay Over Time Payment Plans are currently no longer available

Other Questions?

HOW MANY PEOPLE PER TENT? Maximum of 6 in a Glamp tent and 8 in a Tipi

POWER: Power to your Luxury Bell Tent is only available to those who require it for medical reasons. 

All Glamp tents have battery-powered lanterns that offer sufficient light without power and there will be power stations for your phone onsite.


BOOKINGS: All glamping hire is for three nights, one night bookings are not available. 


SHARED ACCOMMODATION: ​​ Please enquire at for shared glamping accommodation options.

GLAMPING: Includes luxury accommodation, towel and Glamp Camp Luxe Lounge access with Breakfast and free herbal tea facilities 



Check-in is between 2.00-8.00pm on Thursday, or from 8am-5pm Friday. 

Please vacate your tent by 5:30pm on Sunday.

CONFIRMED BOOKING: Your booking is not confirmed until the full amount is received in cleared funds.

MORE QUESTIONS: Email us at 

We sell out Fast!

Every year we are selling out tickets faster and faster – so make sure you don’t miss out!
Know that if you suddenly can’t come, you can always sell your ticket on Tixel to those who missed out.

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